Our Customer Success team works with your internal team to get your caregivers onto the app and the app keeps the users engaged! With many small lessons, the education is easy to learn and retain. This means that not only are your aides compliant, they are prepared to serve your clients with knowledge and confidence.

Absolutely not. Lesson time is calculated based on the average user, and the aides can rewatch lessons as many times as they like!

Yes! We at Nevvon removed the guesswork for you. We built an easy to use calculator that will take less than 3 minutes to complete. Use it here!

Let’s start by explaining how other education providers charge. Most education providers sell yearly licenses for each caregiver to use. If a caregiver leaves the industry or your company, you just paid for a license that is not useful and expire. At Nevvon, we only charge for the hours studied. You will only pay for actual caregiver usage. As well, the hours never expire. If at the end of the year, there were hours not used by the caregiver, simply roll them over to next year. For pricing click here.

Our library of topics continues to grow. Currently, we have over 150 lessons. To request a list of topics click here.

There are people who go deposit their checks at the teller, there are people who use rotary phones. We get it Nostalgia. Do not worry, we have solutions for blended learning where your company will still be able to ensure your caregiver is in compliance.

Yes, we are continually building out the education in many languages. Email us at hello@nevvon.com to see if the language you require is available.

Yes, your agency can choose to allow the caregiver to download their certificate directly from the app. Your agency will always have access by electronic file which you can print to use for your files in the office.

We conducted a number of focus groups, surveys and questionnaires for the caregivers who service our industry and an overwhelming number of them, prefer to use their mobile phone. Most of them do not have a computer or laptop.

Have you ever browsed a website on your phone? Which has a simpler and better user experience? An app is always superior when used on the phone. We built the app with the caregiver in mind to achieve better usage and satisfaction.

The short answer is Yes. The long answer is that our compliance department works very closely with the Home Care Associations, State Regulators, legal representation and nurse educators to stay on top of changing regulations.