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Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for creating a positive experience for the customer, ultimately leading to renewal and long term customer satisfaction.  

The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention, loyalty and improving the customer service experience. Their job is to work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction.  The role will be integral in measuring KPI’s and will be integral to the product roadmap. 


Establish Customer Support Practices

  • Successfully onboard customers either directly or with integration partners 
  • Gather feedback from customers, study other customer success programs and analyze customer data to identify the best practices
  • Responsible for creating policies and procedures that optimize the customer experience
  • Be obsessive over the customer journey and best practices
  • Enhances customer training
  • Be responsible for communicating product releases and updates
  • Own, drive, and lead the renewals process and best practices in collaboration with the account team to preserve and enhance customer contracts and relationships
  • Discover and identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities upon contract renewal to maximize customer growth

Implement Processes for Technical and Product Support

  • Product ownership is a must. This role works with our customers and collaborates with all internal stakeholders such as sales, product, and our development team.  
  • Understand, master and become a pro at describing our product and addressing promptly every question surrounding our product (and some technical aspects if possible)
  • Help customers plan and understand the best ways to utilize software or products based on the customer’s business needs
  • Educating customers on the flexibility and capabilities of our software so customers are encouraged to continue using our services
  • Develop and continually enhance customer onboarding best practices

Be Accountable to Department  Employees

  • Supervise both agent and account managers
  • Be responsible for SLA KPI’s including low churn rate

Proficient in Google Suite products, Asana, Hubspot, Jira.

Be actively engaged and supportive in daily tasks of the CS team