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HR Operations and Talent Acquisition Manager

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”      -Mahatma Gandhi-

Are you an individual who aspires to make a difference in this world? Do you desire to wake up with a sense of purpose?

Join us at Nevvon on a journey to better the way we take care of our more fragile populations. We are a fast-growing start-up, determined to disrupt the care industry as we know it! We believe that with the relevant, easy-to-use technologies, and with the right on-target, cutting-edge e-training, together, we can better the care provided to our more fragile communities. 


HR Operations and Talent Acquisition Manager


  • Manage HR processes and strengthen the connection between the employee and the organization 
  • Creating a Wow experience for candidates and new hires, by managing our recruitment process and onboarding

HR Operations

  • Build and execute a strategic plan to increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Manage evaluation processes
  • Support employees’ HR administrative needs, such as, forming and maintaining employee records, updating databases, preparing and amending HR documents, reviewing employment contracts, and more!
  • Accountable to the organization’s HR software (HUMI)
  • Create and manage protocols and procedures for HR
  • Lead processes to promote organizational culture

Talent Acquisition Manager

Employer Brand

  • Build and execute a plan to create a strong employer brand to attract new talent


  • Build the hiring process
  • Support the strategic planning of the organization chart; you will be the first to let us know when we need to hire in each department
  • Develop job descriptions and scorecards
  • Build the right pipeline of candidates for new roles
  • Identify and manage platforms for sourcing
  • Manage relations with insourcing companies, if applicable
  • Manage the recruitment process
  • First screening interview
  • Continuous contact with candidates
  • Continuous contact with hiring managers
  • Write the offers


  • Create a new onboarding process
  • Manage the administrative side of the onboarding process: accesses, equipment, etc.