DAY 1 /SelfHelp – Hybrid HHA Training Program / BEGIN Home Care Curriculum Copy

MODULE 1: Introduction to Home Care
Unit A. Home Care, The Home Care Worker and the Client
Unit B. What is a Home Care Worker?
Unit C. Providing Home Care

MODULE 2: Working effectively with Home Care Clients.
Unit A. Theories of Basic Human Needs.
Unit B. The individual, the Family, and Home Care (Diversity).
Unit C. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Unit D. Care giver Observation, Recording and Reporting
Unit E. Confidentiality

MODULE 3: Working with the Elderly
Unit A. What is Aging
Unit B. Aging and the Body Systems

Unit C. Aging and the Mind

Please take the below examinations to test what you have learned in Modules 1 & 2 of the course. Login to zoom first, 15 minutes before the examination starting time.

Examination Module 1

Multiple Choice. Choose the correct answer.

Examination Module 2

Multiple Choice. Choose the correct answer.