DAY 5 / SelfHelp – Hybrid HHA Training Program Copy

MODULE 12: Personal care

Urinary System.
Assisting with Bedpan/Urinal/Fracture Pan
Bedside Commode/Toilet

Digestive System
Nutrition and a Balanced Diet
Assisting with eating and hydration
Proper feeding techniques
Assistance for Independent eaters
Partial Assistance with eating
Measuring and Recording Weight

Integumentary System
Healthy Skin
Alteration in Skin

Musculoskeletal System
Transfers, positioning

Transfers, positioning and turning
Body Mechanics
Turning and positioning in bed and chair
Transfer with one assist
Assistive devices (canes, walker, etc)
Safety Principles

Range of Motion

Partial/Sponge bath
AM/PM care
Shower, Tub

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