Minimizing caregiver churn using education

Caregiver churn has been on the rise across the home care industry nationwide. Harvard Business School put out a research study this year trying to put a dollar amount on the growing crisis of the shortage of caregivers coupled with the increasing demand of in-home care. The numbers are astounding and are having a negative ripple effect across the U.S. economy.

Here are 5 proven ways on how you could minimize caregiver churn & stay ahead of the curve using technology & education

1. Keep your caregivers connected

Connecting frequently with your caregivers shows that you, as a home care agency, care about them and their wellbeing. You can start by setting up a support network that provides caregivers access with education in easily-digestible tidbits of information on a continuous basis.

2. Lessen your caregivers’ burnout

Burnout is awful. One of the main causes of caregiver burnout is being stuck in a job and not knowing what to do, which often leads to feeling powerless and unsupported. As a home care agency, you can break down those barriers by providing your caregivers access to a variety of topics they may not be familiar with. This will help them feel empowered and gain control in any situation.

3. Help your caregivers build their careers

Taking an active role in the development of your caregivers shows confidence for the future of your home care agency. It also gives your caregivers feelings of significance and value. Educating your caregivers and offering mentorship and opportunities can help create a culture in which your caregivers can reach their goals and grow in their careers.

4. Value their time and unpredictable schedule

The life of a caregiver with a constantly-changing schedule can be difficult and leads to uneven earnings. Caregivers are known to multi-task during commutes in idle-time between clients. Their mobile phones become their lifeline. As a home care agency, giving your caregivers access to education on their mobile phones will allow them to be productive and learn anytime, anywhere.

5. Invest in your caregivers with the latest technology and education

Investing in new technologies and the latest best practices in education will not only make your home care agency more efficient but will also improve your caregivers’ productivity and wellbeing. Equipping your caregivers with the right tools will help them succeed and will go a long way toward helping your agency’s bottom line.


The life of a caregiver is both fulfilling and difficult at the same time. As a home care agency, you can take an active role in empowering your caregivers and equipping them with continuous support and education. This will shift your caregivers’ focus on making their clients’ lives better instead of moving on to another agency or industry.

So if you want to make a difference in your caregivers’ lives and set yourself apart from the competition, you’ve got to approach things a little different. You can start by investing in these 5 steps and you will be way ahead of the curve!