Recently the NY State DOH announced over $1.4B in funding for LHCSA’s to be utilized towards home and community-based services (HCBS) workforce development and/or preparation for participation in value-based payment (VBP) arrangements.

Nevvon has developed numerous options with objectives that meet the DOH Provider Investment Categories

Training Content
Choose from a large list of curated content & certification programs to aid in Effective Care Management, Training Strategies, Value-Based Payments Readiness, Workforce Recruitment, and Retention

  • Improved Workforce Retention and Job Satisfaction
  • Ensure Completion of training programs
  • Utilize technology to assist with Value-Based Payments preparation and increase Caregiver Satisfaction
  • Develop strategies to recruit and retain a racially and ethnically diverse workforce

Mobile Technology Adoption & VBP Preparation
Content that is specific to your environment to encourage the adoption of mobile technologies and VBP

  • Specific content created with Caregivers in mind to adopt and utilize a technology stack
  • Better data collection leading to better outcomes

Caregiver Engagement Solutions
Proactively reach out and measure Caregiver Engagement to aid in recruitment and retention, training strategies, address frontline concerns/ideas and assess diversity and cultural competency.

  • Caregiver Job Satisfaction
  • Collect and Analyze Caregiver feedback to address concerns leading to improved retention, engagement, and future initiatives.

Value-Added Services

  • Incentive/Bonus Management & Distribution
  • Professional Advisory Committee Reporting (PACS) Trends

Nevvon is absolutely committed to developing programs and strategies that LHCSA’s are considering in addition to what is listed above.

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