We are a progressive team, coming together with different skills to bring you the most relevant and simple solution to your business. We make continuing education for your caregivers easy. Our leadership team combines deep domain expertise and passion in:

Home & Healthcare Industry
and Social Impact

James Cohen

Nevvon Co-Founder, CEO

Before Nevvon, James most recently co-founded a rapidly expanding licensed home care agency that spanned the United States and Canada, gaining unparalleled experience in the home care space. This experience established himself as a respected executive and leadership authority. Currently working as CEO/co-founder for Nevvon, James is widely known for his ability to understand customer pain points and bring cost effective solutions by using his expertise.

Operational Excellence
and Superior Efficiencies

Tal Arad

Co-founder, COO

Tal has worked in the service industry for 15 years, gaining experience in customer service, operations and deploying technologies. As a seasoned operator and product manager, she is passionate about advancing customer service and technological efficiencies. Outside of the office, Tal enjoys travel and learning new things every day.

Leading Home & Health Education
– Dementia Specialization

Deborah Rothenberg

Co-founder, Partnerships

Deborah is an experienced health educator and senior care advocate. Driven by her passion for better outcomes, she takes pride in providing the best care-education possible. As a co-founder, her goals include better caregiver education, reduced caregiver turnover, and cost savings to employers. In addition to her primary job functions, Deborah has been recognized by her peers for her extraordinary commitment to better care.

Innovative Technology
and Software Development

Uri Sevilla


Veteran of technology-driven businesses with a zest for start-ups. Over 20+ years of software development experience with a diverse, innovative, and proficient leadership style in technology. Vast experience within multiple tech companies, has given Uri a deep knowledge of Software Development management and Lifecycle, Software Development Environments, cloud and online technologies. Uri has specialties with many different standards, protocols and paradigms. He has experience with different solutions scales, from tailored small-scale solutions to distributed cloud-based large implementations.