Improve Retention & Caregiver Job Satisfaction with a Mentorship Program

Everyone knows the stats about recruitment and retention in-home care & health care right now. How can agencies overcome these issues while still staying focused on what they do best, providing care.

The Legacy of Care Mentorship Program is an affordable and scalable answer that is proven to positively impact recruitment, retention, and caregiver job satisfaction.

Agencies are seeing an 89% caregiver retention rate in the first 90 days of employment using the Legacy of Care Mentorship Program!

Program Benefits

  • Decreases caregiver turnover
  • Boosts caregiver confidence and satisfaction
  • Offers growth opportunities/retention for top caregivers
  • Produces highly trained and accountable caregivers
  • Creates a positive, team-centered culture
  • Becomes a recruiting tool
  • Increase referrals
  • Improve job satisfaction

Program Overview

Goal: Create a culture of empowerment by pairing outstanding existing caregivers to supporting roles for new employees
Mentors are experienced caregivers who would mentor 3-5 new caregivers at a given time. New hires (mentees) are matched with a Mentor at the time of hire. This provides a lifeline to the agency and support during in the most critical time in a caregiver’s career. All the training modules are available through the Nevvon platform.

Module 1: Agency Training/Program Overview
Module 1 includes a detailed program overview to understand the structure, benefits and responsibilities for Mentors and Mentor Managers. 

Module 2: Training for Mentors and Mentor Managers
Module 2 is a detailed training program for Mentors and Mentor Managers which includes exercises, best practices, and role-playing to prepare for Mentorship.

Module 3: Communication Advanced Designation 
Communication is the foundation of all our interactions and relationships. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most valuable skills you can have. As a caregiver, effective communication skills are also essential to providing safe and appropriate care.   This optional course allows the learner to better understand how to effectively communicate with clients, family, and co-workers. The course reviews the fundamentals of communication theory and establishes techniques for creating positive, high-quality connections, while also identifying practical strategies to overcome communications challenges in a personal care setting.

Module 4: Secondary Mentor and Mentor Manager Training
This section includes tools to assist in the facilitation of the final Mentor and Mentor Manager Training class including a “train the trainer” lesson to assist Mentor Managers who are looking for a refresher on how to facilitate a group Mentor training session which offers existing Mentors exercises specifically focused on teaching caregivers how to care for themselves while caring for others.

Agencies receive a customized Toolkit with instructions and guidelines on how to use them during the course of the program including:

  • Caregiver Mentorship Flow Chart
  • Mentor Manager Check-In Log
  • Key Mentor Qualities and Mentor/Mentee Expectations
  • Mentor-Mentee Conversation Tips
  • Mentor Recruitment Flyer
  • Mentor Agreement

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