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In-class Training

A blended approach to learning provides flexibility to home care agencies' while supporting the unique needs of caregivers when it comes to learning.

Nevvon’s caregiver training platform supports both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (on-demand) training, making it an excellent resource for ongoing caregiver education, ensuring consistency in training quality and accessibility while supporting agencies cultural initiatives. Stay tuned to find out how you can work with Nevvon to recruit and train new caregivers to work at your home- or health care agency.

Nevvon's Blended Learning Module Features

Track Attendance

Easily track attendance and sign-in sheets, offering seamless management of presence records for caregivers and classes, ensuring accuracy and accountability .

Setup Schedules

Advanced scheduling tools allow caregivers to effortlessly view available classes and sign up for them, providing maximum flexibility for caregivers to find times and locations that meet their ever evolving needs.

Track Compliance

Seamlessly integrates mobile-friendly features and compliance tracking, ensuring a flexible and the ability to track all classes, including compliance classes, tracking all users in one platform.

Leverage a complete training program with everything included

When you sign on with Nevvon, everything it takes to certify qualified home health aides is taken care of:

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