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Orientation Training

Nevvon's orientation training is a set of 13 modules that help new hires understand the fundamentals of home and health care. Included topics range from COVID-19 to Emergency Preparedness, from Infection Control to Culture, Sensitivity and Awareness.

Expedite onboarding new hires with
Nevvon’s Orientation Training

It is an industry standard to provide new agency hires with orientation training, even if that caregiver has completed similar training elsewhere. Nevvon's e-training automations make the provision of Orientation training hassle-free.

Why Package Your Orientation Training?

Save time and money!

Offering orientation training via Nevvon's platform is a proven way to save training resources. No more coordination of instructors, class rooms, and new hires for in-house in-services. No more manual input with paper and pencil documentation. Instead, new hires complete all their training on their own device, at their own convenience.

Standardize your orientation!

By packaging your orientation training as a set of online modules, you can be certain that all new hires receive the exact same high quality training. Even better, employees will be able to access this training even after they have completed it. Ask us today about how we can customize your orientation training package to meet your specific training needs.

Achieve compliance!

Not having caregivers in compliance with federal and state-specific regulations is a risk you don't want to take. With Nevvon, can you rest assured that all of your agency employees are fully compliant and up to date with required training. Dashboards and automatic reminder notifications make achieving and reporting compliance easy!

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