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Value Based Training

Nevvon offers agencies a series of e-training modules for caregivers that create awareness and understanding of what value based programs are designed to achieve.

This value based training is designed to develop care practices that align with and support the provision of value based care.

Why it’s so important to train your caregivers about Value Based Care

In funding value based care, governments are moving away from transactional service offerings and toward care provision that results in better health outcomes.

If your employees don't understand this, your agency will miss out on receiving its full potential funding.

Nevvon's Value Based Training Program

Fundamentals of value based care

Modules that teach caregivers how to improve care through data documentation and introduce the concepts of population health and the basics of care coordination.

This includes a 3-hour module dedicated to improving care through data collection; topics include types of data, data collection roles and responsibilities, effective information sharing, and measuring value.

Chronic care and Behavioural Health care management

Caregivers learn about common chronic care diseases and how to recognize symptoms and prevent onset.

The Behavioural Health module teaches caregivers how to identify common behavioural conditions, recognize signs and symptoms of each condition, and how each condition may be treated or managed.


Successful caregiving requires healthy relationships characterized by effective communication.

Nevvon's value based training program includes a set of modules designed to improve caregivers' communication skills. The four modules provide an introduction to communication skills, communication tips for caregivers, factors and challenges affecting communication, and strategies for dealing with conflict.

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