Are you a caregiver looking for help?

Train your caregivers in a whole new way with home care’s #1 training platform & SwyftOps.

With the Nevvon + SywftOps, agencies can easily pass caregiver training information between the two systems. Activate and manage caregiver access and easily curate and auto-assign caregiver training through the Nevvon Learning Management System.

Easy Onboarding: Nevvon continuously retrieves Agency caregiver information which is used by the Nevvon App to automatically assign & personalize the training for each caregiver within the Agency.

Easy Administration: Manage caregiver’s training status in a single view. Search, find and update quickly saving time and money.

Training Status: When a caregiver completes their training, Nevvon updates the SwyftOps system with the Training Complete information (i.e., what course, when it was completed, and pay information if applicable)

Single Sign-On (SSO): Nevvon coordinates the SSO process between the two systems, so caregivers don’t need to install 2 Apps, or to remember another set of credentials. This simplifies the process for the caregiver, improves the user experience and overall efficiency. <coming soon>

Shift Blocking: Agencies can choose to turn on other features, such as Shift Blocking to ensure that caregivers don’t train while they are on a working shift. <coming soon>


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