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Panel Discussion: Unpacking NY’s Single FI Changes, What’s Next

Join us: 1pm EST on May 7th

Join us for a panel discussion regarding the recent CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary (FI) changes in New York.

The discussion will provide insights into the new law, and address the implications and challenges that will be faced by current Fiscal Intermediaries including:

Establishment of a Single FI State
We will cover the legislative change, that establishes New York as a “Single FI” State.

The impact of this major legal change to the provider industry, and what it means for the providers, caregivers, and consumers.

What's Next?
The timeline and trajectory of the transition from the current CDPAP model, to the Single FI program.

Who can work as a PCA? For those providers thinking of pivoting their caseload to LHCSA Personal Care Services, learn about which PAs can become PCAs to their family members.

Litigation Landscape: Attendees can expect discussions on potential litigation arising from the “Single FI” law’s passage, and whether such lawsuits are likely to be successful in stalling or eliminating the transition to a single FI state.

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's Single FI Changes, What’s Next

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